Texas Lake Levels

The goal of this page is to provide you with current Texas lake levels

so that you can make informed travel and recreational decisions. Please keep in mind that media reports, while well-intentioned, often skew statistics in a way that makes for a newsworthy story. Lake levels are relative to each body of water. Drastic sounding levels like “10 feet below normal” could be really low at some lakes (like Granbury), while being only a minor inconvenience at deeper lakes (like Lake Whitney). Please use the website attached below as a starting point for your travel planning, but combine this information with details obtained from truly local sources, as opposed to media outlets, for a more informed decision.  Here are some helpful hints on finding out just what the information from USGS really means to your lake related travel:

  • Contact the local chamber of commerce.
  • Contact local marinas and ask about the boat ramps near them.
  • Call a few of the lodging providers at the lakes you are considering. Ask how the lake level is affecting visitors. Look for current photos, not just what the media wants you to see. Search sites like Flikr and Pinterest to see what people are taking pictures of on their travels.

Please Note: The website featuring Texas Lake Levels from the TWDB is attached within our site. It has its own scroll bar. Use that to scroll through the chart of lake levels.