Secret Pages? Seriously?

I’ll bet you didn’t know there were secret pages on lots of websites. Think about the times when a company sent you a special deal by email but you could never find that page on their website unless you went back to the original link in the email to get there. See what I mean? Secret pages. Web builders have a variety of reasons for including these secret pages and rarely tell you about them. We want to be totally above board and open about ours.

Yes, we have secret pages.

What’s on them? Last minute specials, seasonal deals. Free stuff! See, total transparency on our end. The catch is that you can only get to the secret pages by being one of the lucky members of our email list. We work really hard not to send spam. Just useful information about Lake Whitney and links to the secret pages. We also promise we will NEVER sell your email or let another party have your info. 

It’s free to sign up and there’s NO RISK. You can opt out any time you choose.

Find Out What's On Our Secret Pages