We are a small “Mom & Pop” business. We own a spectacular piece of property on one of Texas’ most beautiful lakes. We share it by renting rooms and cabins at reasonable rates to well-behaved folks willing to follow a few simple rules that help us keep the property nice.

We do not have unlimited funds to repair damage caused by thoughtless guests. We are not on the highway with massive exposure that makes it easy to re-fill canceled or no-show rooms. We hope you will treat our place with respect; here are our policies.

Before you pick up the phone, send an email, or start an Internet reservation we ask that you read this page. You will be presumed to have read the entire page and thoroughly reviewed the whole website if you request a reservation. Thanks.

  • Visitors: Please keep in mind that we do not allow ANY visitors. What that means is that only people registered to stay in the cabins and RV sites can be on resort property. Ever. No visitors means no visitors. Not for a barbecue. Not for the afternoon. Not for twenty minutes. Not for anything or any amount of time. Please help us maintain the resort atmosphere by not inviting your friends, neighbors, or family members to join you unless they rent their own cabins. The only exception is if you have not met the maximum capacity of your cabin AND have management approval. If you have visitors that exceed the capacity of your cabin you will be charged the rate of whatever size cabin would be required to cover that capacity. Example: If you rent the Bunkhouse Combo, which sleeps 10 people, but there are only 8 people staying here at the resort, you may have 2 guests because that doesn’t exceed the maximum (BUT only with management approval.)
  • Pets: It’s not that we don’t like pets, it’s really about maintenance of the property and the comfort of OUR pets. This is their home and they deserve not to have other animals invade every weekend. We charge $300 plus any damages or additional clean up required if we find evidence that you brought your pet.
  • Service animals: We are exempt from requirements to allow service animals because we have free-roaming animals on display for guests that are natural prey of dogs and their presence would be disruptive to those animals in their habitat.
  • Parking: You will be expected to park and drive according to our instructions. There are reasons behind everything we are telling you at check-in. We have septic systems, grass that we like, and OTHER GUESTS that also need to park. Look at the resort map. If it’s gray or says “Parking” you can park there. EVERYTHING else is off limits unless we tell you to park there.
  • Peacocks: We have free-roaming peacocks. You may feed them, but we recommend that you do that away from your doorstep and picnic table. Your children may NOT chase or follow the birds. It makes them very nervous. During summer molting season we ask that you gather no more than 1 tail feather per person and only from the area immediately around your cabin. It is rude to gather feathers at someone else’s cabin, and unsafe to crawl under or on top of anything trying to reach feathers.
  • Respecting other people’s space:  Our guests come here for many reasons, but the number one reason is to escape the crowds and hurry-up attitude of the city. Please make sure that everyone has that opportunity by respecting the space around each cabin. Don’t walk through other people’s cabin “yards” and please don’t allow your children to do so either. Respect that your neighbors may be napping or just enjoying the peace and quiet. A lack of vehicle at a cabin does not necessarily mean that the cabin is vacant. ASK us before you borrow chairs from another cabin, park in a driveway other than the one you were assigned, or use an alternate charcoal grill.
  • Fires: We do NOT allow any wood fires on the property. Charcoal may be used in the grills at each cabin and attended to 100% of the time while hot. Summer months often bring complete burn bans, even charcoal cooking fires. Burn bans will be posted in the guestbook in your cabin. The lake shore is federal property and ALL fires are banned and subject to steep federal fines. We do not allow electric smokers at cabins or RV sites.
  • Cabin or Site Occupancy: All of our cabins and RV sites have maximums. There is NO flexibility in those maximums. If you bring extra people we will charge the card on file the amount of a cabin that would have been required for the number of extras. Example: 1 or 2 extra people require a Single Cabin so you will be charged an additional $99 per night. THIS INCLUDES CHILDREN. Think of it this way, you would not arrive at the gates of Disney World and expect them to not charge you admission for your four-year old because you are already paying for your older children, and because she’s “so small.” Your cabin rental includes “admission” to our lake-front property. If you exceed your capacity, you owe more. Period.
  • Smoking: You may smoke outside away from any open doors or windows and away from the pool area.  Please ask for an outside ashtray if you need one. We charge for picking up your butts.
  • Wi-Fi: We provide Wi-Fi for guests, but connectivity may be limited in some cabins. The Wi-Fi is not for streaming purposes.
  • Motorized devices: For the safety and security of all guests, the following devices are not allowed to be operated on resort property: ATV’s, golf carts, go-carts, dirt bikes, scooters, hoverboards, battery-powered children’s toys of any size.
  • Quiet times: This is the quiet place on the lake. In general, we ask that music and conversation be quiet enough that it cannot be heard at any other cabin at any time, and that at 10 pm anything noisy is moved indoors.
  • Damages: Guests are responsible for all damages to Arrowhead Resort property, whether intentional, negligent, or simply accidental. If you or your children damage something, the replacement or repair charges will be placed on the credit card we have on file unless you make other arrangements to pay.
  • Check in time is after 3 pm. We appreciate your courtesy in allowing us time to ensure that all of our cabins, public areas, swimming pool, etc. are ready for the guests who will arrive after 3. During the summer months, we do NOT have rooms ready before 3 pm.  Please don’t show up before 3 pm unless we have specifically told you that we’ll be ready. All arrivals prior to 1:30 will automatically be charged $25 for early check-in during the off-season and simply turned away during the full season.
  • Late arrivals: if you need to arrive past 9:00 pm we appreciate a phone call. At 10 pm we charge your credit card for your full stay if we haven’t heard from you.
  • Multiple cabin reservations on one credit card are strongly discouraged. If you absolutely insist, you need to understand that doing so makes you entirely responsible for extra charges, damages, or late cancellations of ALL the cabins you reserve. Even if the other party pays for their own cabin when they are here, the card used to reserve the cabin is still the fall back if any kind of issue arises.
  • Check out is noon. We can be flexible if you ask first or if you are renting our boats. All checkouts past 3 pm are subject to a charge equal to half the room rate. A 3.5% Resort Fee applies to the total bill for departures that do not check out in the office. If you will be departing before 8:30 am please settle your bill in the office the day before departure to avoid the fee.
  • We do not accept gift cards, Green Dot cards, or re-loadable cards of any kind for reservations but you may use them to pay for charges when you are here as long as we have a valid credit card on file.
  • We charge a $25 reservation fee per cabin that is non-refundable. It will be deducted from your total bill once you have completed the stay that you reserved.
  • Your stay is guaranteed with a valid credit card.  We authorize all cards either at the time you make the reservation or prior to your arrival at the resort, sometimes it will be both if you reserve more than 2 weeks prior to your stay. That authorization places a hold on your funds, whether or not it is a credit or debit card. Usually, this authorization disappears when the final charge is made at check out, but WE have no direct control over the timing of the release. It is up to your bank, so use debit cards for reservations with caution. We do not accept gift card or re-loadable cards of any kind for reservation purposes.
  • We want to be perfectly clear about the fact that when you make a reservation by phone or online you are authorizing us to charge the card you provide to us at ANY time for the following: reservation fee, room rentals, taxes, damages, a damage deposit, boat rentals, store purchases, or fees for extra guests. We usually accept payment in person from you on the day of your departure as a courtesy, but we may, at our sole discretion, apply charges to your card before that time. DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION WITH A CARD THAT DOES NOT HAVE AN ADEQUATE BALANCE AT ALL TIMES. You really don’t want to face either the overdraft charges from your bank or the theft of services charges we will file if you don’t have the funds available to pay us.
  • Cancellation policies:
    Full charges for all nights reserved will be incurred on cancellations made within the following time frames:
    All cabins, RV sites, boat rentals ……….2 weeks before arrival
    Groups, reunions, ……………….60 days
    In addition to the $25 reservation fee, a one-night non-refundable deposit is required at the time of all reservations for Memorial, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. That deposit will not be refunded under ANY circumstances.
  • Early departures are considered a REALLY LATE cancellation. Please don’t book more nights than you KNOW for certain you will be staying. For example, don’t book 5 nights thinking that you might want to stay that long, then arrive and expect to change that to 3 nights because something else came up. Doing that prevents us from renting those nights to someone else.
  • Walk-aways are considered a cancellation. If you have ANY doubt about whether or not you will “like” or be satisfied with our facilities you simply should not make a reservation. Showing up and deciding that something is not to your liking is theft. We are not a perfect fit for everyone. EVERYTHING there is to know about the resort is on this website if you take the time to read (especially the FAQ page), look at photos, and the resort map. We don’t hide anything. We don’t doctor photos.  Call us and ASK questions. Stop by to see the resort in person BEFORE booking. In short, it is up to YOU to determine if we are what you are looking for. Once you make the reservation, you should behave like a grown up and fulfill the contract you have made with us. Who knows, you and your family might just enjoy yourself.
The only exception to the above-stated cancellation policy is if our cabins become uninhabitable for some reason. We do not make exceptions for weather (either here or where you live) or lake conditions. The contract you have with us when you reserve a cabin or room is that we provide a cabin and you pay the agreed upon price. We are NOT renting you the lake, lake access, shoreline, hiking trails, boat launching facilities, parks at the lake, or even the additional facilities we normally offer at the resort like the swimming pool or boat rentals. We do not consider re-scheduling as satisfaction of the amount you owe in the event of a cancellation.