7 Steps to Planning a Lake Whitney Getaway

Let’s face it, making travel plans is not easy. Our number one goal is to help you make a trip to Lake Whitney. So here are the steps you need to take to get here:

Step 1: When can you go?

This may seem obvious, but traveling with a little lead time is usually less stressful. We all know people who are spontaneous enough to just jump in their sports cars (spontaneous travelers rarely drive mini-vans) and head out on Friday afternoon. If that’s not you, start by looking at a calendar. Here’s one to click on if you don’t have one handy.

Step 2: Who are you going with?

We actually get lots of calls from people who have no idea who is coming with them to the lake. Let me clue you in a bit, my first question when you call is going to be, “How many adults and how many children do you need room for?” I ask this because I can’t really help you decide on a cabin if I don’t know what you are planning. Is this a romantic weekend for 2 or an extended family gathering of 15? Heck, come by yourself if you have to. Lots of people do.

Step 3: What activities are you interested in?

If you are a boater your choice of accommodations might be slightly different than someone who just needs to sit in a chair and stare at the water trying to overcome the stresses of the week.

We used to have a frequent guest that was a piano player on a cruise ship. He would be out on the ship for six months straight laughing it up with passengers every night for 180 nights with no relief. He came to Lake Whitney to recover from the ordeal between gigs. When he first arrived he could barely talk. He just sat in front of cabin 3 and stared at the lake.

Step 4: What kind of traveler are you?

This is similar to the activity question, but not quite the same. What I mean is do you need seclusion from everyone or will you be happy sharing the public spaces in a resort setting? Are you more of a one step above camping person or a one step below the Hilton person? Does wildlife scare you or thrill you? If you answer these questions honestly you will have a better idea about what kind of Lake Whitney accommodations will suit you best.

Step 5: Check out the choices

Roam around on all the websites you find for the area or get on the phone and start making calls armed with your dates, number of travelers, and fondest desires.

Step 6: Make a commitment

Most Lake Whitney lodging facilities book up during the busy summer months so the sooner you can commit the better. You may find that once you have actually made a reservation, you are far more likely to follow through.

One note of caution: The resorts on Lake Whitney are mostly small “Mom & Pop’ type businesses and therefore have very strict cancellation policies. As much as we’d like to book your stay, we like it less when you call the week before your stay to cancel. Expect $$ penalties when that happens.

Step 7: Pack the car (or mini-van) and get yourself to the lake

You know you want to go. You need to go. It’s not that hard to do and the cost is minimal compared to your sanity.

Above all, our goal is to get you to try Lake Whitney by visiting one of the quaint lodging businesses here on the lake. We felt you might appreciate a list of the other family-run resorts in the area. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay at the lake.

Beachland Lodge
Bosque Resort
Cliffview Resort
Cherokee Village Resort
Harbor Rentals
Indian Lodge Resort
Lake Whitney Marina
Little Rocky Lodge
Uncle Gus’ Marina