Lake Whitney Gift Shop

The number one question we get in the gift shop is about the source of the peacock feathers we sell. No, we don’t pluck them. Peacocks shed their tail feathers every summer and grow a complete new tail every winter.

Lake Whitney’s Unusual Gift Shop

We started our gift shop here at the resort with the idea of offering the usual array of T-shirts and souvenirs, but over the years we have  transitioned to a more eclectic mix of gift items. The gift shop has become a staple among Whitney area natives who shop here at the resort for unique gifts and greeting cards. When you plan your visit to Lake Whitney be sure to stop by to browse. Our number one theme is peacocks. It started because the peacocks that roam our property are so loved by guests that everyone wants to take home something to remind them of the incredible beauty these birds possess. Gary and I have traveled to gift markets across the country looking for new and unusual peacock items to sell here in the shop and online. We have everything from toy peacocks for the kids to exotic collectible peacock platters. We sell our complete line of painted glass from Joan Baker Designs and a fun line of products from Spoontiques on

You can access over 1,200 items we sell on Amazon by clicking here.

We thought you might like to see a small selection of the things we keep in stock at the resort. Click the buy links below to purchase directly from us using a credit or debit card through Please let us know if you have questions we can answer or if there is anything we can do for you.

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Peacock Themed Gifts