Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

Where are you located?

Lake Whitney is located approximately 65 miles south of the DFW Metroplex, 18 miles west of Hillsboro. Arrowhead Resort is situated on the southeast corner of the lake about two miles northeast of the dam. We are between the town of Whitney and the dam about one mile off Highway 22.

Can your cabins flood?

No! Lake Whitney is a flood control lake designed to hold lots of water without endangering homes or small businesses like ours. Our cabins sit on a hillside higher than the top of the dam, making it pretty unlikely that they would ever be affected by high water.

What is there to do there?

Here at the resort, we offer swimming, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, and shuffleboard. The resort is home to free-roaming peacocks that are always entertaining. Bicycles are welcome on resort roads, trails, and along the shore, but nothing motorized, please. We rent movies in the office. There are 3 golf courses in the area, as well as antique shopping in several nearby towns. But keep in mind that this is still an undeveloped rural lake. The nearest bowling alley, roller rink, or movie theater is in Waco, 35 miles away. The main attraction is the lake itself. Let yourself be mesmerized by Lake Whitney and our incredible sunsets for the best entertainment you’ve had in years.

Are your cabins on the water?

Our cabins are as close to the water as you will find anywhere on the lake (about 150 yards). Most of our cabins have beautiful views of the main body of the lake. Because Lake Whitney is a flood control lake, nothing sits at the edge of the water anywhere on the lake. We are on the non-cliff side of the lake so access to the water is a short walk from your cabin over a set of metal stairs that go over our fence, then through our horse pasture. There is also a road that allows you to drive a bit closer to the lake.

Do you have handicapped facilities?

Wheelchair access is fairly limited. Cabin # 16 (part of our Bunkhouse Combo) is the only facility on the property without steps, and with an accessible bathroom. There are no sidewalks, only gravel roads. The pool area has two steps up to a wooden deck in order to reach the pool. Access to the lake involves a climb over metal staircases and a gentle trail OR a drive followed by a short walk over fairly level terrain, but there is a pipe rail that must be stepped over.

How clean do you expect us to leave the cabin? Should we bring cleaning supplies?

The term “housekeeping cabin” means that we don’t provide daily maid service during your stay and we expect our guests to pick up after themselves. We clean the cabins thoroughly between guests. You don’t have to bring cleaning supplies, but please ask to borrow some if someone in your party has been exceptionally messy. We ask for general courtesy in regards to the mess you leave behind. We don’t expect to have to pick up litter from around the outside of your cabin, we don’t expect to find two days’ worth of leftover barbeque in the fridge, and we don’t expect to have to scrape your child’s candy off the kitchen floor. We are a small family run business, not a mega corporation with unlimited resources. Because of that we must pass along extra cleaning fees to messy customers. We charge $20 per hour for cleaning above and beyond what is considered normal.

Is this a luxury resort?

The resort was built in the mid-fifties as a fishing lodge. All of the cabins have been completely remodeled in recent years to make them more modern. Our cabins feature some amenities you might find in a luxury resort such as wireless Internet service, DVD players, but the emphasis is on comfort and relaxation. Landscaping is left natural wherever possible, so you can enjoy nature, which is the greatest asset found at the resort. This is not the Hilton; we don’t want it to be. What we aim for is a clean, pleasant place from which you can enjoy the quiet  beauty of the lake.

What linens do you supply?

We provides bed linens( sheets, pillows, blankets), bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, and a dish cloth.  Extras are available on request. The bunks in the Treehouses have fleece sleeping bags rather than sheets. If you’d prefer sheets please ask.

Do you supply shampoo and soap?

We supply two bars of soap in each cabin and a small courtesy bottle of shampoo.

Do you supply dishes and utensils?

No. Most people get by with paper plates and a few cooking utensils. If you get here and need something please don’t hesitate to ask for a loaner.

Can we bring an air mattress and have extra people?

We have maximum occupancies for all of our cabins and don’t allow extra people. The maximums are based on many things: bedding, parking, pool capacity, and health department rules, but our main objective is the comfort of our guests. Please trust us and abide by the maximums.

What is the maximum capacity of your resort? Do you rent out the entire property for one price?

Group maximum is 35. We do not offer a single price for rental of the property.

Do you accept debit cards?

Debit cards may be used, but you should keep the following in mind: we authorize all cards, sometimes at the time you make the reservation, sometimes when you arrive for your stay. Either way, an authorization places a hold on your funds. That hold is something over which WE have no control. Please do not give us a debit card to authorize if the total of your stay plus a $200 damage deposit will cause you to exceed the balance of your checking account.

Will you charge my card when I make a reservation?

We charge a non-refundable $25 reservation fee per cabin that will be deducted from your bill when you arrive.

If we don't have a credit card, can we simply pay cash or money order for the full amount?

If you are a previous customer of ours we sometimes make exceptions, but generally we do not allow reservations without a valid credit card.

I saw that you have peacocks. Don't they make a lot of noise?

Arrowhead Resort is the quiet place on the lake, but sometimes nature has its own volume. Mating season is from March to July. During that time the birds call to one another frequently. Often they are calling in response to other noises that they perceive as a threat, like shouting, doors slamming, loud music, or loud engines. If the birds are at your cabin and the noise bothers you, you may gently shoo them away. Most people enjoy the calls, but almost all sounds from the outside can be drowned out by turning up the fan on the air conditioner unit in your room. If you prefer not to hear them, may we suggest a quieter season for your visit.

Do you have a boat dock and launch?

You can launch at the dam which is just 2 miles away. There’s plenty of parking near the cabins to pull your boat in and out of the water at night.

Can I rent a cabin for my teens to stay in alone?

Not unless a responsible adult over age 21 will be onsite in a cabin nearby.

Do you have a swim beach?

There is no designated swim beach, but our shore is quite suitable for swimming.

Is there a place to fish?

From the resort, you’ll have easy access to the shore, or rent one of our pontoon boats to get out on the water.

Are campfires allowed?

No wood fires of any kind are allowed at Arrowhead Resort cabins on Lake Whitney, and fires in undesignated areas like our shoreline are prohibited on federal property. We allow CHARCOAL cooking fires in the BBQ grills at each cabin.

Is there a grocery store nearby?

The town of Whitney has two full-service stores, only a few miles from the resort.

Can we have friends that aren't staying at Arrowhead come over for a party?

NO. Simply put, this is not that kind of place. Arrowhead Resort strives very hard to be the quiet place on the lake. Our cabin and RV space occupancies are strictly enforced, and outside visitors are not allowed.

When is check in and check out?

Check in is 3 p.m.; check out is 12 p.m. If you need to arrive later than 10:00 p.m. please let us know, so that we can plan accordingly. When available, we offer an early check-in from noon to 3 p.m. for an additional $25. Late check-out rates are $25 between noon and 3 p.m. and half the room rate for 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Late check-out cannot be guaranteed in advance, as it is subject to availability.

Can my kids set up a tent and sleep outside?

Because we do not have a separate bathroom and shower facility for campers, the Texas Health Department prohibits tent campers. That restriction applies even to cabin guests.