Center Yourself at Lake Whitney

Center Yourself at Lake Whitney

What do we mean when we say “center yourself” here?

We mean physically that a Lake Whitney vacation can be the center point of your travel plans. You can stay here at the lake, enjoying the spectacular scenery, perhaps participate in a few water sports, enjoy our eclectic assortment of restaurants and STILL take the kids to a water park, a spectacular zoo, a world renowned wildlife park, enjoy some shopping, visit a winery or two, and visit some of the state’s little known museums (Dr. Pepper, Texas Ranger, Bosque Museum). You can even visit all that Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer and return to the peacefulness of the lake at the end of each day.

Here are a few other ideas for things to do in the area surrounding Lake Whitney.

  • Take scenic drives throughout the area, enjoying wildflowers and wildlife
  • Shop for antiques in Clifton, Meridian, Whitney, & Hillsboro
  • Drive to Waco to see the new Baylor Stadium being built, just driving through the Baylor campus is a treat if you haven’t ever seen it.
  • Visit two of the most beautiful stone courthouses in all of Texas.
  • Play disc golf along the Brazos River.
  • See a traditional craft village, complete with blacksmith and gristmill demonstrations at Homestead Heritage.

We also mean that the lake is the kind of place that allows you to escape your everyday life and mentally re-center yourself. Spend the days staring at the water and the nights staring at the stars. Play games with your kids or take a walk with your best bud. Bring a book, bring your favorite outdoor equipment, or bring nothing but a change of clothes.

Research has shown repeatedly that time away from our regular routine and from work in order to re-charge our batteries. A recent article on WedMD¬†explains the importance of downtime in our lives. Lack of vacation or weekend escape time can lead to higher stress levels, sleep disorders, and even clinical depression. When you jokingly tell co-workers you need a vacation, you’re not far from the truth. The need is real, not imagined. The great news according to the experts in the article is that quantity is less important than quality. Small amounts of time spent in relaxation mode can greatly reduce the stress you feel from your normal life.

Lake Whitney offers options for small getaways, and it’s closer than you think.

Distance between Lake Whitney and Texas cities:

  • 77 miles from Dallas area
  • 58 miles from Ft. Worth
  • 36 miles from Waco
  • 137 miles from Austin

Start your escape to the lake by instantly checking the availability of a Lake Whitney vacation.