Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

Many of you know that Gary & I travel when we aren’t here at Arrowhead Cabins on Lake Whitney hosting travelers. Of course that doesn’t happen often enough, so when we can’t travel, we read about traveling. We read blogs, message boards, magazines, and online reviews. We scour the Internet for interesting places to stay, near us and far flung.

Here are our recent observations:
1) We should find ways to travel more- even if it’s just for a couple of nights at a time.
2) More businesses should build blogs so you feel up to the minute about what’s going on at their location.
3) We should all remember that a few pitfalls serve to make your journey a better story to tell.
4) It’s rare for two travelers to see the same place or event in the same light. A good example of this was found in a review I recently read about scuba diving in Belize. The reviewer was not pleased with her dive trip because it involved a one hour boat ride to get to the dive site. Gary and I have been fortunate enough to have been on that same trip. The diving was fantastic, but that boat ride was the icing on the cake! Tiny islands dotted the ocean, some with one palm tree, some with nothing but sand. It was the ride of a lifetime. Maybe the reviewer was just having a bad day.
5) It’s easy to build a great website; it’s hard to build a great hospitality business.
6) There are some really interesting places to stay in Texas; we’ve got lots of competition to keep us on our toes.
7) We sometimes stay at those look-alike highway hotels for convenience, but life is really too short to always stay inside the box. We usually enjoy our travels more when we step outside the Comfort/LaQuinta zone.
8) Research, research, research. See observation #5.

It’s Not All About the Lake

It’s Not All About the Lake

I’ve been thinking about what goes through people’s minds when they think of visiting Lake Whitney. If you found this site because you were looking for a place to fish or ski then you obviously had a lake in mind from the start of your search. If however, you stumbled across Lake Whitney as simply a getaway then you may be feeling some nagging questions about why you should choose Lake Whitney as your destination if you don’t even own a boat and wouldn’t know one end of a fishing pole from another.

The answer is simple: it isn’t all about the lake. It’s about beautiful scenery, quiet mornings, and a sky full of stars that you can’t see in the city. It’s about peacocks, horses, and purple martins. It’s about letting your kids feel the mud squish between their toes at the edge of the water or struggle to find the perfect stone to skip across the lake. It’s about having a nice dinner without the traffic headaches of getting there. It’s about romance. But most importantly, it’s about connections. What you’ll find here is a unique place to connect with those you love and with nature in a way that leaves only one nagging question unanswered. When can we come back?