Lake Whitney Restaurant Roundup

Lake Whitney Restaurant Roundup

Lake Whitney Restaurants

When you think about restaurants at Lake Whitney you’ve got to think outside the usual restaurant-row chains. In the same way that Lake Whitney lodging facilities are outside the LaQuinta box, so are the restaurants. The only chains anywhere near the lake are Sonic, McDonalds, Chicken Express, & Subway north of the town of Whitney on FM 933. But once you set aside the chain mentality, you will see that the area has ample choices.

Author’s note: Gary & I ran our own restaurant here at Arrowhead for sixteen years, so we tend to be a bit tough as restaurant critics. We will try to provide as honest an opinion as possible.

Let’s start with some basic restaurants:

Texas Great Country Cafe If your group has tough to please diners this may be the safest choice. It has an easy to find location at the intersection of FM933 and TX22 in Whitney. Don’t expect to be wow’ed, but do expect good cafe-style food at reasonable prices. The menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches to standard Texas fare like chicken-fried steak. A particular favorite is the the Buffalo Chicken Salad. Breakfast has hearty combos like the Starvin Marvin. Breakfast is served all day. I’m not a meringue pie lover, but if ever there was a place to become one, this would be it. They look pretty tasty. We recommend it for a quick dinner or lunch.

Double D Diner This tiny spot is easy to miss on Hwy 22 between Whitney and the dam, maybe that’s why they painted it bright red. Open for breakfast and lunch only, it is a labor of love. Lunch is pretty much whatever they want to cook that day. Breakfast is REALLY good. Omelets are loaded; pancakes are fluffy. Having been in the restaurant business, we are kind of hard to please when it comes to cleanliness. Double D is neat and clean and welcoming. We strongly recommend it for breakfast.

Four Seasons Bar & Grill Another restaurant that’s easy to overlook, this newcomer to the area is tucked away in a strip center halfway between Whitney and the dam, next to Drifters Bar. The menu is extensive and tasty. Try the fried avacados with secret sauce.  The chicken-fried steak is crispy and the Mexican entrees full of flavor. Alcohol is available through a joint agreement with Drifters. Our recommendation is for family or adult dinner Wednesday-Saturday.

Bosque Resort Located on the west side of the Lake Whitney dam, this may be the most attractive-looking restaurant exterior in the lake area surrounding the lake. Because of that, and it’s prominent highway location and signage it attracts plenty of tourists during the lake season. The interior decor is a bit unnerving unless you really love game trophies. The menu is extensive with the usual “bar & grill” type fare. The restaurant is adjacent to their events center which books a wide range of events like horseshoe tournaments and outdoor concerts. If busy bar atmosphere is your thing then this may be your new favorite Lake Whitney favorite. Our recommendation is for game night munchies with a rowdy crowd.

Barbeque Restaurants

The true measure of a Texas community lies in the ability of a select few residents to properly smoke and serve hunks of beef and pork.

 Hooten Holler’n Convenience is the name of the game here. They are located at the intersection of TX22 and FM933 in Whitney. In addition to the usual meat fest found a Texas BBQ restaurant, Hooten Holler’n offers a few unusual choices like pulled pork tacos. Their sauce is tangy with just a hint of heat. They have added fried catfish to their Friday menu to round out the choices. We recommend them for carryout group feeds and for the Friday night catfish.

Bunkhouse BBQ, Clifton You know that to get the really good BBQ you sometimes have to drive a little out of your way. If a trip to Clifton is in your Lake Whitney travel plans, Bunkhouse is the place to stop for lunch. Platter are heaped high, sandwiches too thick to wrap your mouth around. The sauce is a perfect blend of flavors to complement the smokey meat. No reason to go here for anything but the meat, whether it’s for lunch or dinner.

Hard Eight This one is definitely outside the immediate area, but worthy of inclusion here on the basis that we hope you are planning an extended stay, centering your trip here at Lake Whitney.
Hard Eight offers the ultimate in Texas BBQ experiences. Beginning with the outdoor line where they pick your meat directly from the pits. You then step inside for sides and family-style seating. We recommend for a lunch or dinner on a Lake Whitney road trip that might include a visit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park or one of the many festivals held in nearby Hico.

Mexican Restaurants

Tres Hermanos Good food, fast service, friendly atmosphere. This is where the locals eat.  There are other choices in the area for Mexican food, but Tres has become a standard choice for both residents and visitors of the area. We recommend for family dinner or Sunday lunch. Our favorite dish: deep fried beef flautas. Out. Of. This. World. Good. Runner up are the chicken fajita quesadillas.

Pizza & Italian Restaurants

Bella Vita Huge pizzas built on fresh crusts and heaped with toppings. The prices are perfect for feeding a hungry lake crowd. Located on TX22 in Whitney, Bella Vita is one of several Lake Whitney restaurant surprises. Not only is the pizza noteworthy, the pasta dishes are what you would expect from a top end Italian restaurant anywhere. Sauces are perfectly seasoned, cheese is fresh, and the choice of dishes is enough to please almost any Italian food lover. We recommend for either carryout pizza or for a quiet dinner.

As we said before,

Lake Whitney Restaurants

come and go, and we will continue to keep up with the best the area has to offer. Let us know what your favorite eateries are in the Lake Whitney area.