Lake Whitney Water Level Is Up

Lake Whitney Water Level Is Up

Yay! Water!

Lake Whitney is fun at all lake levels, but it’s always nice to have extra water just as we head into the serious heat of summer. As of yesterday we are less than seven feet below normal.

Besides more water, we’ve noticed more people. It’s exciting to see people beginning to re-discover Lake Whitney after the long years recovering from economic drought.

This weekend here at Arrowhead we hosted two family reunions, a family from Odessa, folks fishing with guide Pat Small, and a “Girls’ Night Out,” plus some couples just escaping their work-day routines.

Have you made plans to getaway this summer?

Cook Outside the Box

Only three of our cabins here at Lake Whitney have ovens so it takes a little creativity to manage several days’ meals. We have a tips and tricks on our Lake Whitney Pinterest Board, but here are the basics.

  1. Bring paper and plasticware. You want to spend your vacation washing dishes after every meal? User paper goods for meals that aren’t wet or drippy, then bring along a set of sturdy plastic plates or bowls for cereal or for heavier meals like steak. Nobody really wants to eat a big juicy steak off of a flimsy paper plate, right?Cooking at Lake Whitney
  2. If you have an electric skillet or griddle bring that to expand your cooking options.
  3. Don’t limit your grilling to just meat. Grilled corn, squash, onions, tomatoes, pineapple, and even orange slices are creative additions to any meal. Use cast iron skillets to scramble eggs or even bake brownies.
  4. Think combos. Dump things together for simpler cooking and serving.
  5. Spread the chores. If there are several in your group that cook, divide up the meals. Assign each cook a meal to plan, shop for, and prepare. Be clear about cleanup expectations. Assign those chores in advance as well.
  6. Relax a little. Vacation is for experiencing new things or indulging in the things you would never eat at home.
  7. Bring snacks. Whether your weekend activity of choice is flopped in bed watching a movie or busy time on and in the water, snacks are appropriate and might limit the actual cooking to one or two meals instead of three.
  8. Make a plan. Before you go to the store. Download our easy weekend escape meal planner.


Lake Whitney Boat Ramps

So a guy walks into the office this morning and says he’s here to go boating before they close all the boat ramps.

He says he saw on the main website that the ramps will close on June 24th.

So here is the rest of the story…

The webpage he visited was for the Lake Whitney State Park. The announcement he saw was dated June 24th, 2013 and it pertained to one boat ramp at the at the state park. AND ONLY AT THE STATE PARK.

Lake Whitney is operated by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers. They manage thirteen parks around the lake. Here’s their website. They lease an additional park to the state which is operated as the Lake Whitney State Park.

The Corps has one closed ramp and the Lake Whitney State Park has one closed ramp.

Everything else is open and fully operational.

In addition to the public boat ramps on the lake, there are numerous private ramps that are also open, two of which are very deep ramps that remain usable at far lower water levels than we are currently experiencing.

Yes, much of Texas is experiencing drought conditions. Yes, there are lakes across the state in dire straights.

Lake Whitney has water AND functioning boat ramps, plus recreation and great small resorts for your escape from the city.



Lake Whitney News: House Continues to Fall Into the Lake

6/11/14 8:55 am Updated 12:30pm

Lake Whitney, Texas-The story made national news this morning as a White Bluff home continues to hang in pieces from the edge of a 70-foot cliff. Authorities from the Corps of Engineers are onsite in the water keeping boaters away from the area beneath the house. The house is inside a gated community, where security is keeping out both gawkers and reporters.

Lake Whitney house falling


Here is what it means to you:

  • Vacationing at Lake Whitney this summer is safe. None of the small “Mom & Pop” resorts or parks are close to White Bluff.
  • Only one cliff on the northern portion of the lake is affected. This is an isolated incident. Cliffs along the rest of the lake and the Brazos River are safe.
  • This was not a sudden incident without warning. The owners have known about a large crack through the property for more than a year. The power was already cut off and the house was vacant.
  • And NO you cannot rent our boats to go see the house.

    Lake Whitney House Falling

    This is a before photo, taken two years ago.