Lake Whitney Boat Rentals

Renting boats on Lake Whitney for 16+ years.


Lake Whitney Boat Rentals at Arrowhead Resort

There’s no more rewarding way to experience Lake Whitney than by boat. Ask almost any boat owner and they will tell you that unless you REALLY use a boat on a regular basis, renting one is a far less expensive way to enjoy boating than ownership. You don’t pay for insurance. You don’t pay for storage. You don’t pay for maintenance.  Let us take all the headaches out of a day on the water.

Our Lake Whitney boat rentals include all safety equipment, including life jackets.  You will do the paperwork and pay for your rental at Arrowhead Resort’s office, then follow the boat to the launch in your own vehicle. The boat will be launched for you, followed by a briefing and operational lesson. You will then return the boat to the same dock at the appointed time where it will be put back on the trailer and taken to the gas station for re-fueling. You pay only for the gas you use.

21' Pontoon Boat

This Lake Whitney boat rental has a maximum capacity of 5 people up to 1075 lbs. including coolers
it comes complete with an awning for shade.

25' Pontoon Boat

The 25′ Lake Whitney boat rental has a maximum capacity of 10 people up to 1800 lbs. including coolers
It has a hard-top canopy for maximum shade.

Important Things to Know About Lake Whitney Boat Rentals

Lake Whitney boat rentals are really not that complicated, but there are a few key points that are important regarding your rental choices. Where are you staying while at the lake? If you aren’t spending the night, what is your base of operations? This is important information to know before you make your rental choice. That’s because Lake Whitney is a BIG lake. In theory, you could choose a lodging facility that is at the far north end of the lake, and think that any boat rental company will work out for you. It might, as long as you don’t mind a bit of driving AND don’t have plans to take the boat on water all the way to the northern part of the lake, say to have lunch at your cabin or pick up the late sleepers. The goal should be to rent as close to your lodging or gathering spot as possible for the least hassle and the least amount of travel time either on the water or by land. The easiest choices is to stay at one of the full service resorts on the lake and trust their advice for the nearest boat rentals. We also get calls from people who think that just because there is a dock in the cove near where they are staying they can use it for loading people on and off a rental boat. Other than public docks in the public parks, docks are private property and unless you have specific permission to use one, don’t do it. The point of this is that staying at a private rental house probably doesn’t include any...