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Perfectly Good Use of a Red Solo Cup

June 29 and we still have plenty of wildflowers. I appreciate this weekend’s guests who were kind enough to pick a few for everyone to enjoy.

Lake Whitney Water Level Is Up

Yay! Water! Lake Whitney is fun at all lake levels, but it’s always nice to have extra water just as we head into the serious heat of summer. As of yesterday we are less than seven feet below normal. Besides more water, we’ve noticed more people....

Cook Outside the Box

Only three of our cabins here at Lake Whitney have ovens so it takes a little creativity to manage several days’ meals. We have a tips and tricks on our Lake Whitney Pinterest Board, but here are the basics. Bring paper and plasticware. You want to spend your...

Lake Whitney Boat Ramps

So a guy walks into the office this morning and says he’s here to go boating before they close all the boat ramps. He says he saw on the main website that the ramps will close on June 24th. So here is the rest of the story… The webpage he visited was for...

Lake Whitney News: House Continues to Fall Into the Lake

6/11/14 8:55 am Updated 12:30pm Lake Whitney, Texas-The story made national news this morning as a White Bluff home continues to hang in pieces from the edge of a 70-foot cliff. Authorities from the Corps of Engineers are onsite in the water keeping boaters away from...

Yes, We Are Renting Boats

June 6, 2014 It seems that another local facility is unable to rent their boats so far this season and may be leaving people with the impression that there are no boats available for rent on Lake Whitney. The ramps we use to launch our rental boats are in deep enough...

Water Levels at Whitney on the Rise; Dispute Upriver Continues

Spring rains have caused slight increases in Whitney’s water levels. The question on the minds of boaters statewide this time of year is “Where’s the water?” It sure isn’t at Granbury, where lake levels continue to drop. And while many...

Important Things to Know About Lake Whitney Boat Rentals

Lake Whitney boat rentals are really not that complicated, but there are a few key points that are important regarding your rental choices. Where are you staying while at the lake? If you aren’t spending the night, what is your base of operations? This is...

About Lake Whitney Guru

We all talk a lot about moments. We have “senior moments,” “blonde moments,” and “Mommy needs a moment moments.” There are “the doctor will be with you in a moment moments” and “can you hold a moment moments.” But what we really live for is the moment when the car is packed, the kids are buckled in, and you have an incredible urge to roll the windows down and shout, “Road Trip” as the wind rushes through your hair. Or how about the moment when your daughter giggles uncontrollably at the sight of Dad doing back flips off the front of your rented pontoon boat? Then there’s the moment when you realize that you are watching the sun rise slowly over the lake in the company of a herd of deer. There’s the moment when you wonder why you waited so long to get away to Lake Whitney, followed shortly by the moment when you ask, “When can we do this again?” If you came to this site looking for that kind of moment you are in the correct place.

Lake is dedicated to being your source of Lake Whitney information.

This site is hosted within the pages of Arrowhead Resort, but don’t think that Lake Whitney.Guru is all about selling you on the idea of staying only at Arrowhead.

Our goal here is to help you gather Lake Whitney information so that you can choose wisely where you want to stay and the activities you want to include in your visit. We have 16+ years of experience living, boating, and conducting business right here on the shores of Lake Whitney. We feel that qualifies us as experts on the subject. You can read more about our credentials in the side bar. We hope that you will find the posts here entertaining, educational, and above all, helpful.

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About the Gurus: Gary & Melinda Crow

  • Gary & Melinda Crow have owned and operated Arrowhead Resort on Lake Whitney since 1998.
  • Melinda is the author of four travel guidebooks on camping and rock collecting and together they have written a series of travel journals.
  • They created the idea of Lake Whitney being designated as the "Getaway Capital" of Texas and wrote the documentation for the state legislature to get it approved.
  • They founded the Lake Whitney Board of Tourism and work very hard to make sure that hotel tax dollars spent in the counties surrounding the lake are properly managed and put to good use promoting the lake.
  • They served on the board of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce for more than 6 years.
  • They are members of the Texas Association of Hotels and Lodging and several area chambers of commerce.