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Perfectly Good Use of a Red Solo Cup

June 29 and we still have plenty of wildflowers. I appreciate this weekend’s guests who were kind enough to pick a few for everyone to enjoy.

Cook Outside the Box

Only three of our cabins here at Lake Whitney have ovens so it takes a little creativity to manage several days’ meals. We have a tips and tricks on our Lake Whitney Pinterest Board, but here are the basics. Bring paper and plasticware. You want to spend your vacation washing dishes after every meal? User paper goods for meals that aren’t wet or drippy, then bring along a set of sturdy plastic plates or bowls for cereal or for heavier meals like steak. Nobody really wants to eat a big juicy steak off of a flimsy paper plate, right? If you have an electric skillet or griddle bring that to expand your cooking options. Don’t limit your grilling to just meat. Grilled corn, squash, onions, tomatoes, pineapple, and even orange slices are creative additions to any meal. Use cast iron skillets to scramble eggs or even bake brownies. Think combos. Dump things together for simpler cooking and serving. Spread the chores. If there are several in your group that cook, divide up the meals. Assign each cook a meal to plan, shop for, and prepare. Be clear about cleanup expectations. Assign those chores in advance as well. Relax a little. Vacation is for experiencing new things or indulging in the things you would never eat at home. Bring snacks. Whether your weekend activity of choice is flopped in bed watching a movie or busy time on and in the water, snacks are appropriate and might limit the actual cooking to one or two meals instead of three. Make a plan. Before you go to the store. Download our easy weekend escape meal...

Important Things to Know About Lake Whitney Boat Rentals

Lake Whitney boat rentals are really not that complicated, but there are a few key points that are important regarding your rental choices. Where are you staying while at the lake? If you aren’t spending the night, what is your base of operations? This is important information to know before you make your rental choice. That’s because Lake Whitney is a BIG lake. In theory, you could choose a lodging facility that is at the far north end of the lake, and think that any boat rental company will work out for you. It might, as long as you don’t mind a bit of driving AND don’t have plans to take the boat on water all the way to the northern part of the lake, say to have lunch at your cabin or pick up the late sleepers. The goal should be to rent as close to your lodging or gathering spot as possible for the least hassle and the least amount of travel time either on the water or by land. The easiest choices is to stay at one of the full service resorts on the lake and trust their advice for the nearest boat rentals. We also get calls from people who think that just because there is a dock in the cove near where they are staying they can use it for loading people on and off a rental boat. Other than public docks in the public parks, docks are private property and unless you have specific permission to use one, don’t do it. The point of this is that staying at a private rental house probably doesn’t include any...

Lake Whitney Restaurant Roundup

Lake Whitney Restaurants When you think about restaurants at Lake Whitney you’ve got to think outside the usual restaurant-row chains. In the same way that Lake Whitney lodging facilities are outside the LaQuinta box, so are the restaurants. The only chains anywhere near the lake are Sonic, McDonalds, Chicken Express, & Subway north of the town of Whitney on FM 933. But once you set aside the chain mentality, you will see that the area has ample choices. Author’s note: Gary & I ran our own restaurant here at Arrowhead for sixteen years, so we tend to be a bit tough as restaurant critics. We will try to provide as honest an opinion as possible. Let’s start with some basic restaurants: Texas Great Country Cafe If your group has tough to please diners this may be the safest choice. It has an easy to find location at the intersection of FM933 and TX22 in Whitney. Don’t expect to be wow’ed, but do expect good cafe-style food at reasonable prices. The menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches to standard Texas fare like chicken-fried steak. A particular favorite is the the Buffalo Chicken Salad. Breakfast has hearty combos like the Starvin Marvin. Breakfast is served all day. I’m not a meringue pie lover, but if ever there was a place to become one, this would be it. They look pretty tasty. We recommend it for a quick dinner or lunch. Double D Diner This tiny spot is easy to miss on Hwy 22 between Whitney and the dam, maybe that’s why they painted it bright red. Open for breakfast and lunch only, it...

Center Yourself at Lake Whitney

What do we mean when we say “center yourself” here? We mean physically that a Lake Whitney vacation can be the center point of your travel plans. You can stay here at the lake, enjoying the spectacular scenery, perhaps participate in a few water sports, enjoy our eclectic assortment of restaurants and STILL take the kids to a water park, a spectacular zoo, a world renowned wildlife park, enjoy some shopping, visit a winery or two, and visit some of the state’s little known museums (Dr. Pepper, Texas Ranger, Bosque Museum). You can even visit all that Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer and return to the peacefulness of the lake at the end of each day. Here are a few other ideas for things to do in the area surrounding Lake Whitney. Take scenic drives throughout the area, enjoying wildflowers and wildlife Shop for antiques in Clifton, Meridian, Whitney, & Hillsboro Drive to Waco to see the new Baylor Stadium being built, just driving through the Baylor campus is a treat if you haven’t ever seen it. Visit two of the most beautiful stone courthouses in all of Texas. Play disc golf along the Brazos River. See a traditional craft village, complete with blacksmith and gristmill demonstrations at Homestead Heritage. We also mean that the lake is the kind of place that allows you to escape your everyday life and mentally re-center yourself. Spend the days staring at the water and the nights staring at the stars. Play games with your kids or take a walk with your best bud. Bring a book, bring your favorite outdoor equipment,...

7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lake Whitney, Texas

So you’re thinking about a trip to the lake. Maybe you’re looking for a spot to camp or maybe you want to rent a boat. Maybe you’re a “lake person,” maybe not.  Maybe you just need a break from the craziness of the life you live. Whatever the reason is that brought you to the ah-ha moment when you said to yourself, “Let’s go to the lake this weekend,” you need information to get the ball rolling. Lake Whitney Guru is here to help. Bookmark this page before the boss walks in and you forget where you were. So here are the absolute most important things you have to know about Lake Whitney BEFORE you make your travel plan: Lake Whitney is a flood control lake, originally built in the 50’s to keep Waco from flooding. It’s really good at that, but it’s also one of the least crowded lakes you will find in Texas that lies within 100 miles of a major metropolitan area. There are lakes with smaller crowds, but those tend to fall into 2 categories: either they have more mud than water, or are two+ hours from civilized society. The lake at normal level is over 100 feet deep, plus it has a 40′ flood pool. Without getting all hydro-technical, what that means is that the water level on Lake Whitney rises and falls pretty dramatically, so nothing sits at the edge of the lake. Don’t picture cabins sitting at the water’s edge here. What Lake Whitney lacks in edgewater property, it more than makes up for in scenic beauty and wildlife habitat in that...

10 Ready Made Lake Whitney Retreats

Rest weekly; escape monthly; retreat quarterly; disengage annually. Your Lake Whitney Retreat is waiting for you. Whether you enjoy tent camping with the kids, cabin “camping” with your extended family, or even a luxury hotel room overlooking the lake for you and your significant other, Lake Whitney has what you are looking for. You can center yourself here, both physically and mentally. Consider activities like wildlife watching, photography, or hiking to round out your quarterly retreat at the lake. Here are some ideas to get the planning started. Dads and daughters—best in an outdoor setting where dads often feel most comfortable; think campfires, building things, and scavenger hunts. Moms and daughters—you can do this almost anywhere, spas in the city are fun, but do-it-yourself spas in a scenic location where you do each other’s nails and hair are even better. Dads and sons—same principles as dads and daughters, but maybe add fishing or a boat rental. Cousins—time for games from childhood, simple meals together, photo sessions, and maybe scrapbooking. Try renting a large cabin where you all stay together, slumber party style. Sisters—dinner out, and talk, talk, talk. High school buddies—be sure to bring old annuals or class newspapers, plus cameras for fresh photos. Sunday school class—you can choose between in-depth Bible study or just fellowship outside the church walls. Lake Whitney scenery offers serenity and calm that are often lacking in our day-to-day lives. Your immediate family—do things you never have time for at home. Play Monopoly, read to each other, take long walks together. Your significant other—rest, romance, rest, romance. Quiet places are best, but almost any...

6 Spring Things to Do Around Lake Whitney

1. Wildflowers are beginning to bloom; bring your camera and capture the kids in a beautiful backdrop. 2. Visit the Waco Zoo 3. Visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Park 4. Rent a pontoon boat and tour the lake. 5. Hike the shore. Spring is the perfect time for comfortable hiking. You can hike right here at Arrowhead, or at two nearby parks. 6. Game night with the kids! Use your Spring Break time to relax and spend time playing with the kids....

About Lake Whitney Guru

We all talk a lot about moments. We have “senior moments,” “blonde moments,” and “Mommy needs a moment moments.” There are “the doctor will be with you in a moment moments” and “can you hold a moment moments.” But what we really live for is the moment when the car is packed, the kids are buckled in, and you have an incredible urge to roll the windows down and shout, “Road Trip” as the wind rushes through your hair. Or how about the moment when your daughter giggles uncontrollably at the sight of Dad doing back flips off the front of your rented pontoon boat? Then there’s the moment when you realize that you are watching the sun rise slowly over the lake in the company of a herd of deer. There’s the moment when you wonder why you waited so long to get away to Lake Whitney, followed shortly by the moment when you ask, “When can we do this again?” If you came to this site looking for that kind of moment you are in the correct place.

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This site is hosted within the pages of Arrowhead Resort, but don’t think that Lake Whitney.Guru is all about selling you on the idea of staying only at Arrowhead.

Our goal here is to help you gather Lake Whitney information so that you can choose wisely where you want to stay and the activities you want to include in your visit. We have 16+ years of experience living, boating, and conducting business right here on the shores of Lake Whitney. We feel that qualifies us as experts on the subject. You can read more about our credentials in the side bar. We hope that you will find the posts here entertaining, educational, and above all, helpful.

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About Gary & Melinda Crow

  • Gary & Melinda Crow have owned and operated Arrowhead Resort on Lake Whitney since 1998.
  • Melinda is the author of four travel guidebooks on camping and rock collecting and together she and Gary have written a series of travel journals. She is a frequent contributor to national travel media websites.
  • They created the idea of Lake Whitney being designated as the "Getaway Capital" of Texas and wrote the documentation for the state legislature to get it approved.
  • They founded the Lake Whitney Board of Tourism and work very hard to make sure that hotel tax dollars spent in the counties surrounding the lake are properly managed and put to good use promoting the lake.
  • They served on the board of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce for more than 6 years.
  • They are members of the Texas Association of Hotels and Lodging and several area chambers of commerce.