Rest weekly; escape monthly; retreat quarterly; disengage annually.

Your Lake Whitney Retreat is waiting for you. Whether you enjoy tent camping with the kids, cabin “camping” with your extended family, or even a luxury hotel room overlooking the lake for you and your significant other, Lake Whitney has what you are looking for. You can center yourself here, both physically and mentally. Consider activities like wildlife watching, photography, or hiking to round out your quarterly retreat at the lake. Here are some ideas to get the planning started.

  1. Dads and daughters—best in an outdoor setting where dads often feel most comfortable; think campfires, building things, and scavenger hunts.
  2. Moms and daughters—you can do this almost anywhere, spas in the city are fun, but do-it-yourself spas in a scenic location where you do each other’s nails and hair are even better.
  3. Dads and sons—same principles as dads and daughters, but maybe add fishing or a boat rental.
  4. Cousins—time for games from childhood, simple meals together, photo sessions, and maybe scrapbooking. Try renting a large cabin where you all stay together, slumber party style.
  5. Sisters—dinner out, and talk, talk, talk.
  6. High school buddies—be sure to bring old annuals or class newspapers, plus cameras for fresh photos.
  7. Sunday school class—you can choose between in-depth Bible study or just fellowship outside the church walls. Lake Whitney scenery offers serenity and calm that are often lacking in our day-to-day lives.
  8. Your immediate family—do things you never have time for at home. Play Monopoly, read to each other, take long walks together.
  9. Your significant other—rest, romance, rest, romance. Quiet places are best, but almost any location will work, from a cabin resort to a tent in one of the many public parks.
  10. Just you—eat simply or maybe even fast. Read, write, rest, or use the time to jumpstart a new routine like a diet or exercise plan.

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