We have an announcement!

As of September 15, 2019, Arrowhead Resort will no longer be a “resort.” We will continue to offer a selection of the guest houses, cabins, and rooms here at our home as rentals to past guests in good standing or referrals from past guests. Here is what is changing:
  • There will be no office hours or “resort-type” services during your stay– obviously, we will be here if you need us in an emergency.
  • There will be no gift shop, movie rentals, or linen exchanges (so bring your own extra towels if you need them).
  • We will no longer offer flowers or other purchases to be placed in cabins prior to your arrival.
  • Rental charges will be paid in full by invoice in advance of your arrival.
  • All rentals incur a $25 cleaning fee (but don’t worry, we are rolling back the rental prices to account for that.)
  • You will receive detailed arrival instructions via email.
  • We will not accept walk-up rentals.
  • We will not be offering nightly RV rental sites, only long-term sites.

We are changing with our industry!

We have enjoyed operating Arrowhead Resort since 1998, but as more and more people are transitioning to self-serve-style accommodations (like AirBNB and VRBO), we are too. No worries though, if you have been coming here because we operated as “The Quiet Place on Lake Whitney,” you will not be disappointed. THAT will not change. It’s part of the reason we are only renting to pasts guests or referrals. Self-serve accommodations often attract a slightly noisier and rowdier crowd due to lack of onsite management and oversight. We will still be here at our home and hope that you will join us again soon. In order to gain access to our private calendar of available rentals, you have two choices after Sept 15.
  • Request membership on our mailing list. We don’t spam; we will simply send you a link to the calendar after we’ve verified your status as a past guest in good standing, and a few times a year we will send out a list of what is available to rent during the coming weeks.
  • If you are looking for something on short notice, email us using the form below with your requested dates, along with the number of adults and children you need space for and we’ll get back to you with possible options.
Thank you for 22 wonderful seasons! We hope to hear from you soon! Gary & Melinda

Request a reservation after September 15, 2019 as a past guest. Provide dates and number of adults + number and ages of children.

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